Our Work Methodology

Our objective is to save the client company time and money by externalising its recruitment processes. To achieve it, we use the most cutting-edge technologies.

We put all our experience and know-how at your service and we offer the resources and the necessary human and technical means to make the proper recruitment of the staff who will be part of the client company.

Analysing the requests
  • Report of the company.
  • Analysis of the company’s culture.
  • Analysis of the profile of the requested position.
  • Design of the details of the requested position: functional description of the position, responsibilities, aims, abilities…

Search of the candidates who can potentially meet the position’s profile throughout different means: our own updated database, recruitment in our own website, employment portals and the new 2.0 tools (professional networks). Pre-selection of the candidates.

Evaluating the candidates
  • Personal interviews with our specialised consultants.
  • Technical and specific tests (when required by the profile).
  • Interview with a specialist (when required by the profile).
  • Request of recommendations
  • Full report so that the client can evaluate the candidate.

Introducing the candidates
  • Introduction of the selected candidates to the client company.
  • Negotiation: if the client requires it, we can intercede as mediators to reach the final agreement.
  • Once the candidates start working, our consultants get through to the company to supervise their integration.