Computer Security

The idea of Computer Security is composed of two essential aspects: protecting the system before the action of programs with malicious purposes (viruses, Trojans, worms, etc.) and controlling the accesses to the system and to the information in order to prevent unauthorised users from endanger the integrity or the confidentiality.

The final objectives of computer security policies are:

  • Maintaining the integrity and functionality of the systems using software and hardware .
  • Establishment of access policies that resolve which users have right to access to specific areas and information of the systems and which means are used to accomplish that.

The importance of maintaining the confidentiality of the data as the law determines and the risks caused by the proliferation of malicious software have turned the security into a key point in the management of companies’ computer systems.

TecSolutions response is an independent business line that develops the idea of security auditing, which includes areas of physical security and logical security.

  • Physical security makes reference to either technical protection of hardware and data support systems, and security of the physical accesses to the installations.
  • Logical security consists of implementing access policies to the resources of the programmes.

The main services we offer are:

  • Computer security audits.
  • Implementing security services in Wi-Fi and cable networks.
  • Implementing corporate antivirus software in client/server environments.
  • Network security.
  • Using security policies based in roles to access to resources.