Systems Management consists of integrating, planning and controlling the technical, human, organizational, commercial and social aspects of the whole process, which goes from the analysis and the design until starting the operating life of the system.

Our main services are:

  • Monitoring the applications, systems and networks.
  • Offering solutions to plan the projects.
  • Management of productive environments.
  • Distributed environments.
  • Management of ICT services.
  • Development of applications.
  • On-line operations.

The key points applied in the management of automation systems are the following:

  • Planning and controlling the whole process of analysing, designing and operating the system within the budget, the terms, the quality and other agreed conditions.
  • Controlling the validity of the design’s guidelines.
  • Controlling the adjustment of the product’s design to the established requirements throughout the analysis.
  • Planning and developing the needs of maintenance.
  • Planning and developing the training needs of the staff who are in charge of operating the system.
  • Planning the supervision of the system’s functioning.